Trustees Report ~ January

Trustees Report – January 2019
Eight trustees met on Tuesday night to discuss the previous year and to plan for 2019. It is an exciting time at our church as we look back at what was completed, and look forward to what we have yet to accomplish. We welcomed 3 new Trustees to the Committee – Allen Proctor, Angie Flake and Jerry Drennan. We look forward to their insightful wisdom in the upcoming year. We also acknowledge the contributions of Bill Hager, Robert Sinyard and Greg Carnes who rotated off our committee this last year.
The meeting started out by reviewing the 2018 goals list of approx. 33 items of concern including a few items slated for upcoming capital campaigns. I was pleased to report that 16 of these items had been completed, including the LED lighting project. I will share more of the 2019 Trustee Goals later next month as the committee continues to drill down on a few items of immediate concern to our church and its members.
One area of discussion continues to be our Controlled Access Program. The committee voted in favor to approve funds for a complete lock rekey of our more than 15 exterior doors. Although no date has been set for this rekey event, we will provide ample information to our church members as we continue to improve the safety and security of our church members, preschool attendees and many guests. The trustees all agree that, although a minor inconvenience to some, providing a safe and secure building is of utmost priority.
Our focus for 2019 is going to be improving the exterior appearance of our church. With construction continuing along New Hope Rd. we plan on using this time to make improvements to our landscaping, our entrances and our signage. We look forward to input from our members as we develop a plan to begin sometime in March with some initial plant and tree removal.
Lastly, the committee also approved a preliminary study to be done regarding the feasibility of a Columbarium on church property. The Trustee Chair has reached out to a few landscape architects for their input and ideas regarding a potential site and initial design ideas. Trustees is reaching out to our membership for inclusion on a Columbarium Garden Roundtable to be held in the upcoming months. Please contact the church office or Trustee Chair, John Fletcher, if you want to be a part of this conversation.
On a personal note, I want to thank everyone who came out last Sunday and helped to “purge” our storage closets of excess material and trash. We accomplished more than expected and look forward to organizing the remaining materials and supplies for upcoming program use.
John Fletcher, Trustee Chair