For more information on the Music Ministry at Myers Memorial UMC,

Contact Tony Sane, Director of Music.

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is a volunteer ensemble of 30-40 musicians made up of singers from high school age through their 80s. The choir meets on Wednesday evening from 7 until 8:30 in the choir and is conducted by Tony Sane. The Chancel Choir helps to lead worship each Sunday throughout the year and will often perform major works for special services throughout the year such as the Moravian Love Fest, Lessons and Carols and Holy Week Services.

Chamber Choir

The Myers Chamber Choir is an ensemble that functions as a part of the Chancel Choir. The ensemble consists of 12-16 members that sing a more challenging repertoire and help to lead worship during special services. 

Chancel Bell Choir

The Chancel Bell Choir meets on Tuesday rehearses from 6:30 until 7:30 in the bell room and is conducted by Patty Fayssoux. The Chancel bells help lead worship once a quarter from September through April and function as the advanced bell choir for Myers Memorial.