Your Legacy at Myers Memorial UMC

The purpose of the Columbarium at Myers Memorial United Methodist Church is to provide a place of peace and beauty that allows earthly remains of loved ones to be interred in a meaningful setting adjacent to the church they loved and served. 
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Thank You!  Myers Memorial UMC wishes to thank those who made the columbarium possible.


Louisa Suggs, Chairperson

Dave Davis

Dick Dey

John & Gayle Dobbs

Buddy Flake

Chris McCullen

Robin Pearlman

Patricia and Darrell Steagall

Alice Sweazy




Dick and Cindy Dey

Gayle Dobbs

Max and Nancy Huntley

In Memory of Harry Mims by an anonymous foundation

Darrell and Patricia Steagall

The Steagall Foundation

Dan and Louisa Suggs



Companies Utilized

Carolina Bomanite Corporation 

Ronald Cutlip, Landscape Architect 

Howard Grading

Lucas Concrete Products

MG Welding

Thompson Fabrication

Spatial Design & Build LLC

Shepards Landscape Supply

Site One

Shaun Cassidy, Artist 

A columbarium is a place for the respectful storage of cinerary urns. The term comes from the Latin Columba and originally referred to a dovecote, or compartmentalized housing for doves.  In early Rome it meant simply a nesting place for doves.  For Christians, the dove is a symbol for God’s spirit and peace.

Why a Columbarium at Myers Memorial UMC?

In years past, members were born into the church, spent their lives involved there, and after death, remained a part of that community by interment in the church graveyard. The columbarium option answers the need of many members who wish to remain within the church community. The memorial garden offers a true homecoming on the sacred ground of the church and helps families by having the memorial and inurnment in one place.  It is an extension of our ministry to Myers Memorial UMC families.



The cost of a niche, to hold one urn, will be $2000.00; for two urns, $2500.00.  

This price includes inurnment and the engraving on the front niche plaque.  Cost does not include the cost of cremation or urn.


The total expense and maintenance costs for the columbarium will be financed by the sale of niches and contributions to the columbarium fund.  No church operating or building funds will be used.

Area of Work

Niche Plaque

Note: Material finishes and colors shown are just a representation of a design which is subject to change


Memorial Plaque

Note: Material finishes and colors shown are just a representation of a design which is subject to change.

Price TBD.


The columbarium is available to current members of the church, the spouse of the member of the Church, their respective parents, and the children, (natural, adopted, foster or step), of either the member of the Church or the spouse of such member.  To ordained ministers and their spouses now serving the church or who formerly served the Church.  To such other persons that may be approved from time to time by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members of the Columbarium Committee


Records of the purchase of niches and memorial plaques will be maintained by the Columbarium Administrator.  When payment is received in full, the purchaser will receive a certificate and be allowed to select a location, or one will be assigned. Niches will be designated on a first-come-first-served basis.  Uniform niche and memorial plaques will be provided and installed by the church.


As Christians we share in the affirmation that all we have comes from God. It is our joy to take care of God’s trust in us for our family, for ourselves, and for the world. When we recognize God in all we have, all we are, and all we do, giving becomes an act of faith.
Effective estate planning is an act of life and faith that affirms God’s hand in all of creation. It affirms our existence as “stewards” with management responsibilities over what God has placed in our care. The purpose of this brochure is to provide you with information about various estate planning documents: wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.
You are invited to reach out to the Chair of Finance at Myers Memorial UMC, Wendy Wade for more information.