Caterpillars to Butterflies


Both a symbol of transformation and resurrection, the butterfly is a mesmerizing creation that captures the beauty of God’s creative power. This year, you are invited see for your own eyes this transformative power through purchasing caterpillars and raising them to butterflies for an Easter morning release!  Don’t worry!  It’s simple and plenty of instructions will be provided!


All Orders Must be Placed by

Ash Wednesday, February 26

in order to have the butterflies at the proper stage for an Easter Morning Release!


Ordering Options

Starter Bundle: $14 each

includes 1 Small Cage and 2 Caterpillars

Additional Caterpillars: $2 each

It is recommended that you purchase more than one caterpillar to insure a possible release.

Additional Small Cage: $12 each

(8” tall, collapsible for storage and holds 5 butterflies)

Additional Medium Cage: $14 each

(12” tall, collapsible for storage and holds 10-12 butterflies)


Caterpillars will arrive to the church at the end of March. You will be notified when they are ready for pick up and your prompt response to pick up is necessary as these are live animals and will need immediate TLC.  With your love and attention, the caterpillars will transition to through their life cycle before your eyes and will be ready for an Easter release (April 12 @ 9:45a) no matter where you are to celebrate.

Look for Butterfly Bags at various locations around the church to pick up and return order forms or return the order form on the reverse side to the church office.  Checks payable to MMUMC, earmark ’butterflies’.