Sunday School

Coffee Fellowship in the CFC 9:30am

Adult Classes begin between 9:45am and 10am


College Class: E-07

The College class meets each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM . Biblical and everyday lessons are shared with our college students in class and through email lessons. Whether furthering your education in Gastonia or away, this class is always available! Holiday and summer socials are held throughout the year.

Asbury Class: CFC-106

The Asbury Class is composed primarily of couples and singles in their mid-adult years. The class studies the International Lesson Series. Five teachers, who rotate from Sunday to Sunday, offer differing perspectives in their lectures and often lead the class in lively discussions.

Builders Class: Church Parlor

The Builders Class encourages intergenerational adults & older adults to learn through informal discussion using the International Lesson series. There is a network of caring that permeates the class and extends to the church family. The Builders Class has become widely known for its service project, “The Little Red School House,” which pays for medical and dental services for children of families who need immediate assistance and do not have the benefit of other programs. This project has been endorsed by both the church and community. Please join us on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM in the church parlor.

Contemporary Class: E -04

Literature, which is chosen by class members every 4-8 weeks, enriches our Christian faith through the study of social issues and Biblical teachings. Fellowship gatherings occur regularly. The class is open to any age person seeking personal spiritual growth in a caring, open fellowship.

New Life Class: E -02

The New Life Class is an open and diverse group of adults. Lessons are discussion-based using the International Lesson Series. Many levels of Christian faith are represented in this class. The New Life Class enjoys socials during the year to celebrate friendships. The class welcomes all to join them each Sunday morning.

Rejoicers Class: Library, E-107

The Rejoicers Class is designed to nurture Chancel Choir members during the Sunday School hour. Curriculum includes a variety of Biblical, historical and contemporary studies along with discussion. The Rejoicers Class welcomes all persons and all ages. The class especially welcomes choir members searching for a Sunday School home.

The Drifters: E- 03

The Drifters Class consists of all ages married and single. This class studies a variety of topics including world religions, current events and many book series. They have regular social activities and hope you will join them!

The Dreamers: E-106

People of all ages, who want to grow in their spiritual lives are welcome to join the Dreamers Class. This class has open minded and lively discussions, generated by contemporary concerns related to our Christian values. We use study books written by well known authors on topics that are of concern to our members and community.

Young Adult Class: E -105 (ages 20-40)

Young Adults, who are single or married, out of school, beginning careers, starting families and planting roots at Myers Memorial UMC, are invited to join this class. Fellowship and Bible Study are offered each week. Social activities are planned on a regular basis. This class looks forward to welcoming more young adults!