Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Bob McCullen, Myers Health Cabinet Member
This is a topic close to my heart since I broke my right knee twice and my mom just got her total knee last year. Approximately 767,000 Total Knee Replacements (TKRs) are done each year. Indications of the need for a TKR: moderate to severe pain with daily activities, joint degeneration causing knee deformity like bow-legs or knock knees, Swelling/Inflammation not controlled with medication, rest, injections or  other non-surgical therapy. Contraindications: smoking increases the risk of revision in 4 years from 1% to 10%, if you are prone to infections, then TKR can result in removal of knee and even life-threatening complications. Outcomes: 90% of patients have both significantly less knee pain, and experience greatly improved knee function. Post operative: Physical therapy for several months is necessary to achieve a good outcome and patients need to commit to this before surgery. It may take up to a year to achieve the best and final result from you TKR How long does it last? About 90% of first-time knee replacements last at least 15 years and many last as long as 20 years. It is important to avoid high impact activities such as jumping or jogging to extend the lifespan of a TKRs.